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Physical & Kindle Books



Without Holes

 7 Pillars to Support Your Financial Habits and Decisions.

Pocket without holes will...

    • Take you on a money journey you may not have been on before.

    • Challenge your belief system about money.

    • Show you how people make money and lose it.

    • Teach you ways you can stop money leaking from your pocket.

    • Help you change your “feast to famine” attitudes and keep the money you make.

    Kindle Books

    Below are some of my kindle books whichare readily accessible on kindle now.

    Killer Business Plan That Gets Funding Results

    A business plan will help you build a business that will support you financially, have an impact on those around you, and leave a lasting legacy you can be proud of. But can’t you just get things up and running and make adjustments on the fly? Can’t you sort of learn as you go? Yes, you can do those things, but the odds that your business will fail are much higher.

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    Top Money Myths & Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Avoid

    The mind, they say, is a mirror that reflects everything we think of. When you think good thoughts, positive things come into your experience. When you think bad thoughts, they often manifest negativity and bring bad things into your experience. These principles are made famous in James Allen’s book, As a Man Thinketh. Your thoughts become your reality.

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    Relationship & Money Mistakes That Can Cost You Big

    Growing up, money was not something we discussed much at home. We just did what we were told. We asked for money when we needed to buy food, clothes or to pay for something at school. All I know is that my father brought home money at the end of the month, having left home at 5am and returning at 7pm. Everything seemed to be organised by my mother. 

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    Change Your Habits, Change Your Finances

    Everyone has habits. Good habits, bad habits, work habits and money habits. This book is about the impact of our money habits on our financial well-being. There are many financial products available to meet our everyday needs. Not all of them are good for us. A number of these products can become poison, a financial death trap that leads to debt, financial misery, illness and even death.

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    The Slumdog Entrepreneur

    My first window into how businesses work was at the tender age of eleven, when I literally carried loaves of bread in a wide pan on my head, hawking on the streets. It was my only way of helping my mother to save the cost of hiring extra hands to sell her products. Each seller was paid commission, and it was better the commission was saved for my school fees. In today’s business language, I’d probably be called her sales consultant.

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    Pocket Without Holes: 7 Pillars to Support Your Financial Habits & Decisions

    Douglas’ first contact with money was as a teenage farmhand and street hawker in his native Ghana, and then in adult life, as a cleaner and dish washer in a pub in England. In Pocket Without Holes he shows how people, businesses, property investors and organizations make money and lose it – in a pocket with holes – and how to overcome the challenge.

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    Start working on your finances today, and with our Pocket Without Holes Blueprint, you will see total transformation in your finances in 90 Days!

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