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Want Me On

Your Advisory Board?

Please Read Carefully

Want Me To Serve

on Your Advisory Board?

With a wealth of experience in the corporate board rooms, I will be glad to help you grow your company and achieve your business and personal goals by serving on your advisory board. However, there are a few things which are very important before you conclude and decide to send me an invitation letter.

Please go through them carefully so you are sure we are a good fit before you proceed with your decision.

Here they are..

  • You must be okay with having new and alternate solutions presented to you when you are stuck - If you want to do all the creative thinking for your business, then you don't need me on your board.

  • You must be willing to be challenged - if you don't want your assumptions to be challenged, or don't want anyone around you who will play devils-advocate and point out your weaknesses, then you don't need me on your board.

  • I won't be your Yes-Man: It's important this is very clear. I would not in any way shape or form agree with all your ideas and opinions. My goal will be to look out for your best interest even if in goes against what you want to hear. 

If you're comfortable with having some alternative creative opinions and ideas that can help boost and grow your business then I may be a good fit for your Advisory board. 

Ready To Send Me an 

Invitation Letter To be Part of

Your Advisory Board?

Here are a few things that should be spelt out in your Invitation letter, before you send it out to me.

  • The benefits of being on your advisory board

  • An overview and description of what your company does.

  • The advisory board goals.

  • Responsibilities of Board Members

  • What are your business' priorities in the next five years?

Connect with Me.

Send all correspondence to [email protected] 

Please allow 2-5 Business days to hear back from me and my team. Thank you.