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About Me


So, I’m supposed to write in the third person about me, right? I’m going to be real and tell you all about me.

I was born into the arms of a loving mum who run a bakery business for a living. She had no formal education. My dad was a prison officer.

From the young age up to aged 23, I shared one single room with three siblings. No big deal, right? Well, for me it was, because most of my friends had their own room at home and I wondered why my case was different. Back then, my biggest dream was to own a home one day.

After graduation from Uni, I emigrate to England in search of the “British dream”. British dream? Is there any such thing? American dream, maybe, but British dream? 

I’m twenty-three years old and have no family except a couple of friends. As a business graduate, I find myself washing dishes in a pub in Liverpool Street, London. Cleaning twenty-two London red buses in four hours each night. Cleaning, mopping and polishing the brass in a magistrate court and making it shine like a mirror, I could see my Ebony face clearly; as well as working in an old peoples”; home as a Care Assistant. 

Frustrated after one shift work, my head in my hands, I re-examine my life. I had become the “family ambassador”, taking care of my aging parents and siblings in my home country of Ghana. I chose to take up courses while putting in the hours in my shift jobs.  

After a successful career in financial management and at the top of my game, I quit my nine-to-five job to launch myself into entrepreneurship.

The year is 2005. I was able to do this because I had invested in property – yes, real estate! I grew my property portfolio to over twenty properties in just 5 years. So, when 9 to 5 working hours no longer suited me, during one board meeting, I announced that I was quitting. “What?

… at this time?” That was the question from some board members. Yes, I did! I no longer felt fulfilled in the closed board room environment as a Financial Director or Chief Finance Officer. The late nights, the very early meetings, the rigid staff structure and reporting lines, etc. I no longer felt fulfilled. I believed I had a higher calling to express myself more than I was offered by a 9-5 boxed office job.

This was made even easier for me because, I had tasted residual income from my property portfolio and I had no doubt that the grass was greener on the other side.

“Follow the money, they say…”. Yes, I was following not just the money; I was also following my instincts, my ambition and above all by dreams since childhood: To become an entrepreneur, an influencer and impact more people like me.

Since 2005, I have helped hundreds of people achieve their dream of owning and investing in property, as well as running successful businesses.

Today, I own and run property businesses in multiple countries and continue to impact the lives of new and existing property investors in many parts of the world.

My book POCKET WITHOUT HOLES - 7 Pillars to Support your Financial Habits and Decisions, is my chronicle about The Why, The How and The Who of my life experiences, and my journeys in business and real estate. The Mistakes, The Solitude, The Self-doubt, The Doubts by close friends and family, The Pain, The Successes and The Financial Freedom beyond it all…

Receiving Best International Property Investor Award @ 13 th Ghana Property Award in 2021

Today, I coach ordinary people about real estate investments across the world. I sit on boards of companies, and a sought-after speaker at international events.

Partner with me through my Coaching programmes or one-on-one Property Investment Masterclasses.

You've not failed until you stop trying.

To your success!